Friday, May 18, 2018


(Legal Records)

Considered as essential album by fans of the melodic rock genre, Dare's 1988 debut, ‘Out Of The Silence’ that was recorded at Joni Mitchell’s Bel Air Studio in Los Angeles, and produced by producer Mike Shipley is still widely regarded today as one of the all time great AOR recordings. Fast forward to present day. A new chapter in the history for Dare comes in the form of a 30 year Anniversary with a Special Edition re-release of their debut classic album ‘Out Of The Silence’. 'Out Of The Silence II' has been completely re-recorded. Featuring, Darren Wharton on vocals, original DARE guitarist Vinny Burns, along with 'Blood from Stone’s' Nigel Clutterbuck on bass, and Marc Roberts on live Keys and Kev Whitehead on drums,  Dare’s lineup is stronger than ever. What can I say? This is a master stroke on Darren Wharton's part in giving Dare and AOR fans a stronger and heavier version of the original. Listening to the reworked versions of, my personal favorites like, "Abandon", "Into The Fire", "Runaway", "King Of Spades" and "Heartbreaker", brought back that euphoric feeling I had when I first heard them back in 1988. For me the production is greatly improved. There is a distinctly harder edge to both the guitars and the drums and Vinny Burns' guitar solos and runs are decidedly more eloquent and prominent than on the original. Overall, If you have the original version, listening to 'Out Of The Silence II', will be like welcoming a good friend you haven't heard from in awhile. Re-live the magic by one of the best melodic rock bands to ever evolve. A must for all DARE fans old and new. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, May 7, 2018


REAL MACHINE by Supercharger
(Gain Music)

Another supercharged release by Copenhagen's Supercharger. This band just keeps pushing and pushing, they're music is consistent quality and most importantly they're unique sound is unlike any other band....its all they're own and on their latest release, 'Real Machine', the boys deliver the goods! Serving ten rocking tracks that are loaded with tons of attitude and swagger. The band is comprised of, Linc Van Johnson (Vocal), Thomas Buchwald (Lead guitar), Karsten Dines Johansen (Bass), Ronni Clasen (Keys,Harp,Guitar,Perc.) and Benjamin Funk (Drums). From the opening adrenaline pumping, "Off We Go" to rocking tracks like, "Shake It Up", "The Ride", "Another One To Die" and the album closing, "Forsaken Sin" this new album doesn't let up one bit. This album doesn't have one bad track. 'Real Machine' signifies a level of maturity for Supercharger whereby they aren't worried about producing rock music that appeals to more than just fans of rock music - I sincerely hope so as this is a band and album of quality that deserves wider exposure and audience. If you've never listened to Supercharger before, this is the album to start with. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, April 23, 2018


EVOLUTION OF KARMA by Universal Hippies
(Grooveyard Records)

The highly anticipated sophomore effort, 'Evolution Of Karma' from Universal Hippies proves that the first time around was no fluke. The atmosphere and vibe on this is really special. Comprised of, guitarist Stavros Papadopoulos, bassist Jim Petridis and drummer, Chris Lagios, the trio deliver a ambient/new age fine, although many of these compositions could easily be featured on a soundtrack. There is also a distinct eastern/oriental feel in most of these songs. The music starts with a quiet intensity, and slowly escalates into dramatic, lifting crescendos. Papadopoulos' intense driven guitar splashes all over the muted synthetic backdrop, painting the sweetest of sounds to be coaxed from the instrument. Every song offers something different. The guitar playing and tone are astonishing, the sound quality is great, and there's not a weak song on the whole album.  Highlights include, "Evolution", "Wings Of Pegasus", "Metamorphosis", and "Outskirts Of Infinity".  Beautifully structured solos, and clean tone guitar playing. ' Evolution Of Karma' is heavy on melody, and so satisfying in the depths it reaches within it. This is free of ego boosting trickery and concentrates on composition and content. Just sit back, relax, and listen to these Universal Hippies' magic. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, April 20, 2018


(Militia Guard Music)

The hard rocking juggernaut known as Saxon are back with their latest release  'Thunderbolt' (the band's 22nd studio release), three years after their powerhouse release, 'Battering Ram', Biff Byford and the boys show that they haven't lost any momentum when it comes to serving up hard rocking music that is pack with power and attitude. 'Thunderbolt', is certainly all that and more. The band's playing and writing is so much better now than so many younger bands. All twelve tracks offered up are in your face rock solid.  Highlights include, the energizing title track, "The Secret Of Flight", the moody  "Nosferatu (The Vampire's Waltz)" with its powerful guitar work, dynamic mix of tempos and powerful lyrics, "They Played Rock And Roll", a fast and furious tribute to Motorhead and the riff heavy, "Predator" featuring Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth. The production sounds great and the guitar tone is killer. Biff Byford still holds his vocal range as well as ever, and Doug and Paul are masters of both heavy riffs and melodic solos while the rhythm section with Nibbs and Nigel provide them with really precise 'tight and loose' foundations. Enough said! Get it, crank up the volume and enjoy! Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, April 13, 2018


(Spectra Records)

'Wandering Soul', the latest release from Joshua Tree, California based duo, Firebug is proof positive that good music is still being created. Comprised of Juliette Tworsey - Lead Vocal/ Rhythm Guitar/Mandolin and Jules Shapiro - Lead guitar/Slide Guitar/Organ, the duo's classic rock influences shine brightly on all 13 tracks offered. Influences that I picked up on from Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones to modern day acts like  PJ Harvey and The Black Keys and yet their musical vibe has it's own special character without sounding dated or old-fashioned. Every track is strong and pulls its own weight. Seldom do I find an album that every track is exciting, and I don't feel like skipping. Highlights include, the driving pulsating swagger of "Follower" and "Sinner". The title track with its bluesy twang. "The River", "Shallow Water" and "Strange Days". Juliette Tworsey voice has a rich smoky rasp to it and is complimented by the talented Jules Shapiro excellent guitar work. I defy anyone to play this and not start moving to the fantastically deep and reverberating rhythms.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

CD REVIEW: NOW PLAYING by Jim Wilson with Phil Jones

NOW PLAYING by Jim Wilson with Phil Jones
(Independent Release)

Los Angeles based musician, Jim Wilson is back with his sophomore effort, 'Now Playing', along with drummer Phil Jones. I've been a fan of Jim Wilson since his days in Mother Superior. This guy is amazing. His influences are very evident in his music and he adds his own unique swagger to it. 'Now Playing", is a rocking and funk inspired recording. It really makes you feel good, the feeling in each track is a great break from the usual fodder thrown out for the masses. All the songs on the album are superb, utilising Jim Wilson's soulful vocal and a supremely talented group of musicians. The opening track "Favorite Song", is a groove laden track with a southern twang, while "Honeysuckle", is a super prime mover that reminded me a bit of his days in Mother Superior. Other tracks like "No Heroes Anymore", "Out Of Your Mind" and "Disillusion" are also very strong. This really is music that makes you stop, listen & appreciate. If you are new to Jim Wilson or if you have heard his previous works, his sophomore effort 'Now Playing', is a wonderfully varied rock and soul album that is definitely worth experiencing and comes highly recommended.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Saturday, March 31, 2018


(Nuclear Blast Records)

U.K. rockers, Tax The Heat won me over big time with their debut outing, 'Fed To The Lions' which was full of energized rock and roll swagger echoing the likes of, The Kinks, The Beatles, the Stones, the Yardbirds, The Who. On their highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Change Your Position', the band show a maturity taking their sound to a whole new level. Embodying everything that rock'n'roll stands for: loud guitars, thumping bass lines, kicking drums, and swagger! The band is comprised of Alex Veale (vocals, guitar), Antonio Angotti (bass, backing vocals),  JP Jacyshyn (guitar, backing vocals) and Jack Taylor (drums, backing vocals, ), while their musical influences are rooted in classic rock, these guys are just modern enough to make their sound something other than full on retro rock. Aggressively raw, yet finely honed, the listening experience, at least for me, just got better with each listen. Flaunting their influences while turning out fresh songs to delight the tired ear. The quality of the songs and the song writing once again on point. You can play it straight from beginning to end without wanting to skip anything. Highlights include, "Money In The Bank", the title track, "All That Medicine", "The Last Time", "Taking The Hit" and the album closing, "The Symphony Has Begun". Overall, 'Change Your Position', is a strong album from a band that is absolutely worth paying attention to and one that is not to be missed. Highly recommended to all rock music fans out there. If you aren’t, it’s time to get educated.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society